Steps to planning the Perfect Kids Party

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So it is soon your child’s birthday and the overwhelming feeling is taking over! Where to start, what theme to pick, who do I invite, should I do something simple or extravagant…the stress starts and you feel like you cannot get it done. Don’t worry BREATH you got this!

I love planning parties it is something that I have always enjoyed. So here is how I like to start my planning. Take out your paper and pen, let the list begin:


  1. Determine the date and time of the party.
  2. Choose a theme for the party (e.g. superheroes, sports, princesses, etc.).
  3. Decide on the location (e.g. home, park, community center, etc.).
  4. Make a guest list and send out your invite that can easily made using many online apps (at least 3 weeks in advance).
  5. Depending the age your child is turning and if there will be other children attending make sure to plan activities and games (e.g. piñata, relay races, crafts, etc.).
  6. Plan the menu, including snacks, beverages, and the birthday cake. Make sure to make a detailed list on what you are serving to what you will need to buy or order.
  7. The fun part Decorations, shop for party supplies and decorations that match the theme. I am someone who loves DIY so I usually make most of my decorations and I make sure to pay attention to the smallest details, to make everything perfect. (e.g. personalized chip bags, personalized chocolate bars, centrepieces, etc.)
  8. Make sure to make your guests happy with a little something to bring home so be sure to prepare goodie bags for the guests or a party favor.
  9. Depending on how complex your party is make sure the week of you have a detailed list on what you need to prepare, decorate, go buy, or pick up during that week. Be sure to decorate and set up the night before so you are not so stressed the day of.
  10. On the day of the event go through your list to make sure everything is ready and be sure to Have fun and celebrate!

If your child is old enough to help you why not involve the them in the planning process and ensure that their likes and interests are reflected in the party theme and activities. 


Attention to detail is very important. Make sure that you write everything down and if it helps draw a detailed sketch with all your decorations and food details for the table or anywhere else.
My lists are a MUST for any party planning. This all may seem like A LOT but do one thing at a time and I promise you, everything will work out. This year my son turned two and our theme was “TWO FAST” since he LOVES cars it was perfect.



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