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I have been searching the Internet for a PDF document on just purées to introduce to my little one as he starts eating (kind of like a checklist to make sure I make him try most of the food categories and allergies), I couldn’t find some thing to my liking so I prepared one for myself. You can download my PDF HERE and hopefully it’ll help you cross out all the food groups for your little one to try.

The first introductory. I did was apples, prunes, and carrots, and sweet potato. The reason why I did prunes in the beginning is because I find if they get constipated due to all the new foods that they’re having prunes helps them go to the bathroom. I still like the original way of serving puree, I did the three day trial and it’s been working for me, but there are so many different ways that you can do it, and if you are into baby led weaning that too is an option. 

The purées I waited, longer was broccoli, cauliflower, and anything super gassy so those I did the test to see if they were allergic but then I waited a while before actually giving it to them.

I also stuck to one or two different kinds of oatmeal (pablum) I just thought it worked and basically there was no need to try all different kinds. For both of my kids I never did the rice just because I heard that rice pablum constipates your little ones and I figured if the other one is working, why not just stick to it.

While starting pablum, I also started water just because pablum is very thick and makes your baby thirsty and I found that giving him little sips of water while eating pablum helped a lot and was also recommended by my doctor.


***PLEASE NOTE*** It is important to talk to your pediatrician before starting solids, for your baby.

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