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Hello to all mothers, hope you are all getting through your days with only loosing your shit a few times. I’m back at the grind with an almost 6 month old and trying to get into work mode for when I have to go back. I have slowly taken all the next appointments for both my kids and sleep schedules are starting to look a lot better. My mini is now on pablum and will start puree shortly, so stay tuned for some more pureed recipes for you to try with your little ones.

For those of you who may want to know, having both kids under two is a lot but it is so worth it. I am enjoying every crazy, messy and insane day. They both have taught me a lot in the last few months, one being PATIENCE, you NEED a lot of it, but for one the love you feel for them. From the moment they get up to the NAPS and then bedtime.

Although in todays society working moms is a thing and we all know that once you go back to work your routine, schedule and everything changes. I will be happy going to back to work but also sad that I will get to spend less time with my little ones.

I read something somewhere that really resonated with me:

You have little kids for four years. And if you miss it, it’s done. That’s it. So, you gotta know that. It’s, you know, lots of things in life, you don’t get to do more than once. Now, obviously you can have more than one child, but all I’m saying is, that period between 0 and 4, 0 and 5, there’s something about it that’s really, it’s like a peak experience in life. It isn’t much of your life. You might think of it as a long time. But it’s not that long. Four years goes by so fast, you can’t believe it. And if you miss it, it’s gone. So you miss it at your peril, and you don’t get it back.

All to say is forget all about the NONE important stuff and spend that time that will create the best memories with your minis before you know it they will be all grown up.

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