Schools out, so let’s plan for the summer

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Friday was the last day of school and you may be wondering what will I do all summer with my kids to keep them entertained! Well no need to worry, I am sharing with you today a list I made of fun activities to do with your kids this summer in and around Montreal. For all different ages

  • LaRonde theme park, experience some wild rides with the kids
  • La Ronde “The Dino Experience”
  • Parc Safari, a fun day for the whole family as you get to see so many different animals
  • Granby Zoo, spend a day at the zoo as you can see the animals in their natural habitat
  • Ecomuseum, check out some great animals and have a picnic with the family
  • Butterfly Exhibit, feed and walk with the butterflies
  • A tasty exhibition Montreal science centre a food special
  • Montreal: OASIS Immersion Entry Ticket
  • Montreal: Port of Montreal Glass Tower Entry with Exhibits
  • Firework in the old port or at laRonde
  • Biodôme, walk into different nature habitats
  • Biosphere, learn about the environment
  • Insectarium, have fun with insects 
  • Botanical Gardens, walk through great gardens filled with flowers and a beautiful scenery
  • Planetarium, experience the solar system with your young ones
  • Walks and picnics at Montreal parks (Jarry park, Angrinon park, Mont Royal or parks near you)
  • ItalFestMTL celebrates from August 2 to 11, 2024
  • Enjoy restaurants on a terrasse with the kids
  • Kids zone, join in on fun mazes and running around
  • Elevation trampoline, another jumping and energy burner activity
  • Laser tag, is so much fun and us parents can join in too
  • Darkzone, a fun activity to do with the whole family
  • Funtropolis, great for parties but also a fun way to pass an afternoon
  • Kazoom cafe, another fun filled activity area for kids
  • Isaute, a place for your kids to jump around of different kinds of trampolines, good for all ages
  • Clip n climb, if your kids like rock climbing here is the place to go
  • Kidzilla, a fun way to make your kids burn all that energy
  • Aerosim Experience, a great experience
  • Escape rooms, this is something great you can do with the whole family
  • Mini putting, there are some great area for mini putting in and around Montreal
  • A day of swimming at the public pool or even better at home or at a friends or family members house
  • A day at the park, something fun and simple and the kids are sure to have fun
  • ClawMee, have fun, as you try to catch some fun toys with “The Claw”
  • Arcades, another fun day to spend a few hours as you play some games.
  • Making food or baking together as a family a stay home rainy day activity.
  • Painting, coloring or making crafts together another fun at home rainy day activity.
  • Movie night with snacks
  • Camping in your backyard
  • Making a fire with s’mores and snacks
  • Having a board game night
  • Boating, canoeing or Kayaking
  • Bike riding
  • Camping at a campground
  • A day at the beach
  • Spend the day in St Sauveur, shop around and enjoy some great restaurants
  • Spend the day in Mont Tremblant, walk around and enjoy nature and activities
  • Ceramic Cafe, paint your favorite ceramic with your kids

Here is just a small list of activities, there are a lot of other fun and eventful thing you can do in and around Montreal, don’t forget to check Montreal’s summer festivals for kids and adults and other fun stuff happening in Montreal.











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