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A bundle of joy is to come into my life shortly and unexpectedly. We are filled with joy but may I add also with fear. The fear of probably every first mother or father-to-be. Did your child eat enough, did you change the diaper right, is he or she sleeping properly, is the bathwater to warm to cold and the list goes on.


28 weeks into my pregnancy and it is not rainbows and butterflies but thankfully I have someone to turn to for support. For a first time, mom to be no one really tells you what to expect, they all seem to just say the experience is beautiful, but they forget the details like, your back is in so much pain you can hardly walk, your nipples leak, you pee 100 times a day, you may get nose bleeds, you need a new wardrobe, walking up the stairs is a chore, sitting at a 45-degree angle is the perfect new way to breath and well then the random pain that happens at any time because the little bugger moved in the wrong spot.

Is it beautiful? Of course, the joy of you growing this human inside you is an experience but again is it beautiful? My answer to be truthful is no, not for me at least. I have so far enjoyed the experience to know that I now am taking care of an unborn human inside me and everything I do he or she is with me and cannot wait till he or she is healthy and out to see the world, but the whole 9-month pregnancy part is not my cup of tea.


I wrote about this because being pregnant is overwhelming and you always hear or read these stories about how almost all women enjoyed being pregnant and it was the most beautiful experience. Here you are reading these articles or listening to people talk thinking that there is something wrong with you. Well, there isn’t!

One thing we can all agree on is the outcome is beautiful and full of joy.

Not ALL women enjoy pregnancy, not all women think it is the most beautiful experience in the world that doesn’t make you less of a mother or less of a person. You still pulled through or are pulling through, you still grew or are growing this beautiful human inside you and are happy you are doing it or did it, but that doesn’t mean you were overjoyed throughout all the changes that happened over those 9 months.



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