Do Moms ever sleep?

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Do you remember those days where you just used to lie down in bed and relax all day to recoup for your week to come. Well MAMA those days are over! Welcome to motherhood no sleep and how you would never change it for the world.

My first born was always and still is a great sleeper from naps to nighttime he sleeps and even if he wakes up it is for 10-15 minutes and goes right back to bed. So, I am blessed! But then came my second born and well, he is NOT a good sleeper. Although I laugh about it because I am ok with the lack of sleep for now (probably because I am used to it) some days it does get overwhelming. I am not someone to sleep train I tried it and I did not like it at all. Yes, some nights are tougher than others but even though those tough nights are hard I wouldn’t change it for the world, because the joy you see in your child’s eyes when they see you are there for them is a moment that is so special.

For those who had it in them to sleep train and are blessed with babies that sleep to whole night, that is great. But do know that babies and toddlers are unpredictable which means no baby is perfect and majority of parents out there may say their children sleep the night, but they probably don’t. Don’t get me wrong I am not stating that they are lying but most kids don’t sleep their full nights till about 4 years old. But it doesn’t really matter who says what and which kid does what, you, yourself have to be ok with your child and your sleep, and remember that for now they need you, for now they call your name but soon when there all grown up and they don’t do it anymore you will miss it.

So the question, do moms ever sleep? not really, and if we are sleeping we are probably just in resting mode waiting for the next wake up call from our kids.




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