Babies and Sleeping

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Sleeping and babies

As a new parent, you will experience sleep deprivation. It will be tough the first few months and you may want to ask for some help so you don’t feel overwhelmed but once you get into a routine it will get better.

Newborn babies sleep about 16 hours a day in periods of 2-4 hours. So sleeping full nights as a parent will not happen. Your baby will need feeding every few hours. Although they say to never wake up a sleeping baby in the first few months make sure to wake up your baby if he or she has not been fed for 4 hours.

You will have a better sleep schedule as your baby starts to grow. Around 3 months your baby should start to sleep between 6-8 hours but every baby is different and if that is not the case at 3 months it is nothing to be concerned about.

Help your baby develop the difference between day and night by being a bit more stimulating during the day and start a nighttime routine right away from the very start. They may not grasp it at first but will eventually know the difference between day and night.


  • Place your baby on their backs.
  • Do not use any blankets or pillows in the bassinet.
  • Do not share a bed.
  • Do use a swaddle blanket to keep your baby in place if he or she likes it.
  • Do move your baby’s head position from left to right every night to avoid flat spots.


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