Do we really need to reschedule AGAIN!

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You may laugh about it, but getting together for a girls dinner or get together can be a chore! WHY? well, whose kid is sick that week, who cannot make it due to other plans and so forth. When trying to plan between your friends there will always be someone missing but NEVER stop planning.

Although you all may feel that it is a never ending story, and you will never be able to actually sit down together and chat about all the new, old, exciting and stressful things that are happening in your life. The day will come, I promise you and when it does suck it all in (lol) because who knows when will be the next time you guys can get a round to doing it. In all fairness, the great part about hanging with your old times friends, which now we can call mom friends is that you know they all understand what you are feeling and going through. So between all the cancelations and the sickness and just the madness they get you and they will not judge you.

Eventually, the planning does get easier, when your children grow up to be a bit older but for now be grateful that you are all on the same roller coaster ride and even though you may not see each other often they are just a phone call away.



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