fun at-home activities you can do with your toddler

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Rainy days ahead and not sure what to do at home, we’ll there is so much! You and your kids can have so much fun with stuff you already have at home! Create the fun with a little bit of creativity!

I put together a list of fun and interactive at-home activities you can do with your toddler:

1. Indoor treasure hunt: Hide small toys or objects around the house and create a treasure map or clues for your toddler to find them.

2. Sensory play: Set up a sensory bin using items like rice, water beads, or kinetic sand. Add toys and utensils for your toddler to explore and play with.

3. DIY art projects: Get creative with finger painting, handprint crafts, or even making collages with magazine cut-outs. Let your toddler’s imagination run wild!

4. Indoor obstacle course: Use pillows, cushions, and other household items to create a mini obstacle course. Encourage your toddler to crawl, climb, and balance through the course.

5. Music and dance party: Put on some lively music and have a dance party with your toddler. Sing along, play instruments, or make up your own dance moves.

6. Build a fort: Use blankets, pillows, and furniture to build a cozy fort where your toddler can play, read books, or have a pretend tea party.

7. Water play: Set up a small water table or use buckets and bowls filled with water for your toddler to splash and play with water toys.

8. Storytime puppet show: Create sock puppet characters and put on a puppet show while reading your child’s favorite storybook.

9. Animal scavenger hunt: Hide stuffed animals around the house and have your toddler find and name each animal they discover.

10. DIY sensory bottles: Fill empty water bottles with colorful items like beads, glitter, or small toys and let your toddler shake and explore the sensory bottles.

Remember to always supervise your toddler during these activities and have fun bonding together!

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