Working Moms: Growing up to fast

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Ever notice from one day to the next your children can change? Although it is something that makes you so happy to watch them grow and develop and hit all their milestones, it also makes puts tears in your eyes that this is just one more step to them growing older.

The baby stage, the toddler stage the teen stage no matter what stage you are in with your kids, let me tell you it can and is overwhelming and hard. The one thing you hope for in all this is that your child becomes independent, strong and successful in all they want. That also means that they will be adults soon.

The other day I was watching my kids play and noticing how they were just playing together alone quiet and I realized just how beautiful it was to just see them concentrate and interact with each other in so many different ways then I am used to. I was such a nice feeling. Sometimes with all the craziness around us we have a hard time just embracing these little things.

Here are some tips that I follow to help me realize that watching your kids grow up is magical and how to embrace it:

  1. BE THERE, be there for your child at their most vulnerable stages to now.
  2. LISTEN, enjoy listening to their stories that don’t make sense, to making perfect sentences.
  3. LAUGH, make those fun memories from building forts in your home to going for late night ice cream.
  4. PREPARE YOUR CHILD, don’t wallow in the sadness of your child growing up to fast, instead prepare them to conquer the world.
  5. LET KIDS BE KIDS, you want your child to grow up because their are toys everywhere, the house is always a mess but you know what, LET THEM BE KIDS, they will only be kids once let them have the best time of their lives.
  6. BE THE SAFE PLACE, know that even if you feel like your kids is pushing away from you, make it a point that your show them that home is always a safe place and will always have the answers.
  7. LOVE, give your child the love they need to feel like they can achieve anything their heart desires.

The best way to embrace fast growing is just to give the most you can give to your child and don’t look at it  as your child is growing to fast, look at it as your child is becoming their own person and thanks to you as the parent they will forever be grateful to have you.


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