Entertaining your toddlers with fun activities

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So, let get real traveling with small children is hectic. You basically need to pack a luggage everywhere you go. But if you don’t go anywhere you also feel guilty that you are not letting your child or children experience things. Well here’s my take on this. Yes, it is fun to visit family for the day that doesn’t require much planning and packing, but you have so many year to come to bring your children to places. So if you are stressing that your toddler didn’t go here or there don’t because a trip to the park, a walk during a summer early evening or even just going for ice cream puts a smile on there faces.

You will have the time to make memories like bringing them to water parks, zoos, museums and plays and all other activities. They will also probably enjoy it better since they will be a bit older. Right now, when they are so small and need a schedule and times to eat it not only puts extra stress on us as parents but also your children feel your stress which results in your outing becoming a disaster.

I put together a list (Yes my famous lists) of some great activities and just fun stuff to do with your little ones that result in LESS stress and a FUN time.

  • WINTER ACTIVITIES – So I am not a winter person. I do not like the cold but I now suck it up and go with my kids, here are a few winter activities that I like to do with my kids to keep them entertained throughout the winter but also not stress about it.
            • On a nice day, go for a walk outside.
            • Go to the park and play in the snow.
            • Go to a snow mountain near you and make them slide.
            • If you leave near a family member, take a sled if you have one and walk over to spend some time together.
            • Play outside in your backyard. You can make a fort or just a snowman. kids that are small cannot stay outside for a long period of time especially if it is cold.
            • Skating, Sliding if your kids are older, I have not gone yet
            • Staying in and making a fort and pretending it is a cold winter day you can make some cookies with hot chocolate.
            • Building an indoor snowman made out of paper. You can stick it on your wall and decorate it.
            • Baking cookies or make your favorite winter foods.
            • Fake snow sensory this two ingredient activity makes it fun for your little ones to just place with their favorite toys in a bin. Here is how you make it: (there are 3 different consistency’s)
                • You will need baking soda & white conditioner
                • Mix together 1/2 cup of condition
                • 3 cups of baking soda
                • Mix together both ingredients until a mix texture. The consistency is like a snow dough. 
            • Then you can do Cornstarch & Shaving Cream so you mix equal parts of both ingredients that will make a consistency of molding dough.
            • You can also do cornstarch & white Lotion so you mix equal parts of both ingredients that will make a consistency of a more powdery substance that resembles snow.
    • SUMMER ACTIVITES – During the summer it is a lot easier and fun to go outside in the summer. One being that there is less prep to just step out. Although with small kids sometimes the weather does play a toll because if it is to hot it is not good for you baby to stay to long outdoors. Before planning , do remember to check the weather. Although you probably know, it is best to go out a bit earlier in the morning when the sun is not at its full strength or late afternoon. 
            • Summer walks is a must. It is so nice just to take a stroll.
            • Fun time at the park.
            • Swimming at the public pool or at a family/friends house.
            • Summer BBQ.
            • Outside playing with bubbles or sprinklers.
            • Learning how to bike.
            • Roller blading.
            • Picnic at the park.
            • Go for ice cream.
            • Play water balloon games.
            • Make smoothies and drink it outside together.
            • Going on a pretend adventure at the park.

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