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So the day has come and it is time to go back to work. Panic and stress begin to set in and you are not sure how you will handle everything that needs to be done. First breath! It will be hard at first but you will get into your new routine and you will wonder why you panicked so much. It is 3 weeks I am back to work, so I can definitely relate. Here are a few tips that helped me and are helping me with juggling work and family life.

  1. Weekly Menus – I have made 3 different weekly menus. This helps me when preparing for the next day. So on Monday I prepare and cook for Tuesday and so forth. During the week I make simpler meals so and the weekend I try to make more complex meals. (if I have time). You can sample my menus here. Again this is what my family likes to eat, I am very limited with my kids too. Weekly Menus Cre8MTL
  2. Food list for changes – I have also made a list of different foods that I don’t necessarily make weekly but from time to time like to change it up. Some weeks if there are certain foods on sale I change one day for something else. EX: Stuffed Peppers, Perogies, cold cuts, turkey wraps, fajitas baked, tacos baked, Chicken in the oven with potatoes and carrots, soups etc…
  3. A load of laundry a day – Not to get overwhelmed over my week, I like to do a load of laundry a day. So I wash it as soon as I get home to dry it overnight to be able to fold it early in the morning before work and then put it away when i get home.
  4. Morning prep – Every night before bed I prepare everything I will need for the next morning. I put out my toaster and plates for the kids breakfast. Prepare their water and set take out the toast and peanut butter. I prepare my coffee mug for my coffee to go, lunches and finally everyone’s clothes and jackets.
  5. Cleaning – This one is tricky. I divide my cleaning schedule throughout my week. So for example on Mondays I clean my main bathroom before I go and shower. On Tuesday I clean my living room. Wednesday is all the bedrooms. Thursday is my second bathroom and Friday is the kitchen. Then on my weekends depending on what we are doing I lightly clean again.
  6. Sunday meal prep – Unfortunately, since I do not have the luxury working from home I have no choice but to have to take my Sunday’s to meal prep for my weeks. So when the weekend comes it is crunch time. Friday night are dedicated to grocery shopping. Saturdays I got buy my fresh fruits and veggies and meat. Then on Sunday I prep anything I am missing for my menus so I can freeze it. Example Meatballs I make them every two weeks and freeze them also soups and chicken broth and Sauce.
  7. Activities – Although the weekends are quite crazy I make it a point to make time for my little ones. I plan activities for the Saturday and sometimes Sunday in that case I would do my meal prep on Saturday. If we are having a lazy weekend and staying home, then I plan my indoor activities. Whether it be painting, coloring, arts and crafts, cooking or baking together.
  8. Nights – At night is probably the only little time I get to myself. Sometimes it does get overwhelming but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So my night time is dedicated to my personal hobbies, even if I haven’t finished all my stuff I needed to do I make it a point to be sitting down and relaxing for 9:30PM every night.

I am someone who needs to be very organized and loves making lists and schedules for everything. If I do not have these in place I would totally be lost. You may not be someone who likes lists and that is ok, as long as it works for you, you can manage your weeks however you like. For me the lists and schedules save me. Hopefully I didn’t discourage you so much. In the end everything works out and it does get easier.

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